Steaz Tea & Sparkling Energy Water


Steaz zero calorie iced tea: peach mango
-120mg natural antioxidants
-100% natural green tea
-50% Vitamin C
-Sweetened with Stevia

hi*ball ENERGY (Sparkling Energy Water): Grapefruit & Wild Berry
-50mg Organic Guarana
-50mg Organic Ginseng
-160mg Organic Caffeine
-150% Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 & Pantothenic Acid
-0 calories, carbs, protein, sodium & sugar


Workout 3: Swim & Arms

Swimming with a Pull Buoy
-Freestyle for 10 min
-50 m Sculling
-2x 500 m
-3x 200 m freestyle/backstroke (switch every 50 m)
-3x 200 m fast/easy mix
-Sculling cool down

Weight Training
3x 15 Standing Alternating Lat Pull Down
3x 15 Seated Lat Pull Down
3x 15 Shoulder Presses
3x 12-15 Tricep Pull Down
3x 12-15 Bicep Curls
3x 20 Bosu Toe Tap Bicycles
3x 10 3 Point Bosu Med Ball Hits (1 Rep= Balance on bosu [Beginner: lightly place feet on floor. Advanced: feet up], bring medicine ball up, touch chest, extend it left, touch chest, extend right, touch chest)

Starfruit Cafe






I saw a bus driving with “Starfruit Cafe” written on it. Right away I was curious, it looked like something I might like. So I googled it and was SO excited to see what it was all about! 🙂 Starfruit Cafe features a very healthy type of yogurt called Kefir (which is my FAVORITE!)!! This cafe makes this awesome yogurt into a frozen yogurt with fun toppings like fresh fruit, health boosts and dry toppings (cereal, chocolate, sprinkles, nuts…). You can also look at the menu page to see what other kind of things they serve (like smoothies!!). Below are some pictures that I have linked to their website for further information! 🙂 Can’t wait to try it out!!!


Image Image Image

Workout 2: Easy on that knee ~ 1 hour

My next few workouts will include exercises hopefully friendly for those who may have knee injuries. As I am going through one myself, I thought it might be helpful to post possible new workouts and exercises that have minimal to no use of the knees. I hope they are helpful!

Warm Up

  • Stretch!

Set 1  (Complete 3 sets~30 min)

  • 5 min Rowing
  • 5 min Kettlebell Swings (2 arm and individual arms)

Set 2 (Complete 3 sets with 1 min rest in between sets~20)

  • 15 Ab Twists using Freemotion Machine (each side)
  • 15 Medicine Ball Woodchoppers *without knee twist* (each side)
  • 20 Medicine Ball Chest Presses
  • 20 Medicine Ball Shoulder Presses

Set 3 (Complete 3 sets with 1 min rest in between sets~10 min)

  • 10 Body Bar Bicep Curls
  • 10 Body Bar Shoulder Presses
  • 10 Body Bar Upright Rows

Cool Down

  • Stretch those muscles out!!! 🙂

LOVE THIS BLOG: The Edible Perspective

The Edible Perspective has TONS AND TONS of awesome and creative vegetarian recipes! I have tried many of them and I love the way they turn out! Her pictures are to die for and make me hungry every time I look at them 😛 Here are some of my favorites:

Master List of Edible Perspective Recipes


Lemon Garlic Mustard Chicken

I love chicken and most of the time I eat it plain or with some garlic powder on top. Today I tried something very different.
– The juice of one lemon
– 1 TBS course ground mustard
– 1/4 tsp garlic powder
– 100 g chopped chicken
It was very different than what I am used to eating, but it wasn’t bad!
(Sorry the picture doesn’t look that great!)


Staying Active With a Knee Injury

Knee injuries can make it difficult to work out, especially when it comes to cardio. Many machines incorporate a lot of the knee’s range of motion (elliptical) or considerable impact (treadmills). Some ideas for incorporating cardio into your workouts while trying to take it easy on that knee are listed below 🙂
– Swimming (perhaps with a pull buoy)
– Biking
– Rowing
– Upper Body Ergometer (Hand “Biking”)
– Aqua Jogging
– Paddling (As you might in a Canoe or Kayak)

Other Ideas?
– Focus on incorporating exercises that don’t involve the knee
– Use this time to switch up your routine! If you are used to doing cardio all the time, try lifting some weights! There are ton of benefits when done properly!
– If your knee can tolerate it, try Pilates or yoga might help strengthen your core and lengthen your muscle

What are other exercise ideas you find helpful while dealing with knee problems?