Staying Active With a Knee Injury

Knee injuries can make it difficult to work out, especially when it comes to cardio. Many machines incorporate a lot of the knee’s range of motion (elliptical) or considerable impact (treadmills). Some ideas for incorporating cardio into your workouts while trying to take it easy on that knee are listed below 🙂
– Swimming (perhaps with a pull buoy)
– Biking
– Rowing
– Upper Body Ergometer (Hand “Biking”)
– Aqua Jogging
– Paddling (As you might in a Canoe or Kayak)

Other Ideas?
– Focus on incorporating exercises that don’t involve the knee
– Use this time to switch up your routine! If you are used to doing cardio all the time, try lifting some weights! There are ton of benefits when done properly!
– If your knee can tolerate it, try Pilates or yoga might help strengthen your core and lengthen your muscle

What are other exercise ideas you find helpful while dealing with knee problems?


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tips. I notice as I am getting older (yup, I just admitted to that sad fact) that my knees are becoming my biggest enemy. My heart is still fully submerged in long distance endurance events, but maybe I should start trying some stuff like the Rowing and Aqua jogging to help in the mean time.

    • I feel the same way. Exercise has always been a part of my lifestyle and since my recent knee injury, it’s been difficult to exercise like I used to. I will try to post more workouts and exercises that I find easy on the knees 🙂 I hope your knees get better!

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