Starfruit Cafe






I saw a bus driving with “Starfruit Cafe” written on it. Right away I was curious, it looked like something I might like. So I googled it and was SO excited to see what it was all about! 🙂 Starfruit Cafe features a very healthy type of yogurt called Kefir (which is my FAVORITE!)!! This cafe makes this awesome yogurt into a frozen yogurt with fun toppings like fresh fruit, health boosts and dry toppings (cereal, chocolate, sprinkles, nuts…). You can also look at the menu page to see what other kind of things they serve (like smoothies!!). Below are some pictures that I have linked to their website for further information! 🙂 Can’t wait to try it out!!!


Image Image Image


One Response

  1. Noooo! Appears to be in IL only right now. Not that I usually eat dairy, but there are days I do and I would prefer it to be something like this.

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