Sandbag Training & Hiit Training

I just bought a new sandbag after seeing workouts where they use them. I love this sandbag and am very excited about incorporating new exercises in my workouts to put it to good use! 


Here is the workout I created and did today:

Workout 1 (COmplete all exercises with sandbag for 1 min, repeat series 3x)

  • Snatch 
  • Back Lunge Kicks (R) 
  • Bicep Curls 
  • Side Bends (R) 
  • Back Lunge Kicks (L)  
  • Tricep Dips 
  • Side Bends (L) 
  • Woodchop (R) 
  • Woodchop (L) 
  • Bicycle 

I felt strong but a little weak after (due to muscle fatigue!)



Hiit Training

There are many Many MANY benefits to training using Hiit. I enjoy Hiit because it always freshens and excites my workout routines. I like to use different muscles (especially if I incorporate high bursts of aerobic with low intensity muscle training (like bicep curls or planks). Love it! 


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