Fresh Start Goals Progress

Below, I am going to document my progress toward the goals I’ve set.

Image Image

  1. Eat cleaner and be more consistent with my meals and meal times!
  2. Workout hard and consistently!
  3. Continue to gain speed!
  5. Walk/be active when you’re bored!
  6. Eat smaller meals/snacks when hungry!
  7. Be calm, happy and patient while enjoying life as often as possible

Day 4 & 5

  • Goal 1? Fell short…. Definitely motivated to try harder from now on. Goal 2-still going pretty well! Goal 4 & 7- working out really well 🙂

Day 3 (10/2/13)

  • What a beautiful ending to a semi-stressful day! Restorative yoga was just the right thing! Though my hips, IT band, hamstrings and calves were (are always are) very tight, I feel a bit more lengthened and balanced overall. Goal 1 went well! Goal 2- I think I needed a day of restoration after the two hiit workouts! Goal 4-Met! Goal 5-Met! Goal 6 & 7- progressing!

Day 2 (10/1/13)

  • Goal 1 is going pretty well! I am trying to eat less nut butter (my weakness) and so far I’ve eaten much less than on usual days 😛 Goal 2? Rocked it out today with some hard hiit workouts (also had soreness from yesterdays workout!). I’m hoping to do some yoga tomorrow night! 🙂

Day 1 (9/30/13)

  • I did well with goal 1 today, minus my last meal (which is what prompted me to start this post in the first place!). I am off to do a workout soon and will document that soon! I hope to end the night with some yoga/Pilates/stretching! Wish me luck! 🙂

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