Fresh Start!

The last few months I have been living and enjoying life, but it’s caught up with me a bit if you know what I mean 😛 I am hoping to use the blog for a bit of motivation to get back to the shape I was in a while ago 🙂 Here are a few of my goals:

  1. Eat cleaner and be more consistent with my meals and meal times!  (Who wants to eat dinner at 10 pm every night? Not this girl… :P)
  2. Workout hard and consistently! (maybe include some more Hiit workouts)
  3. Continue to gain speed! (Good news! This summer I actually gained speed in my sprints, but my endurance running has suffered a little from this change in workout goals.)
  5. Walk/be active when you’re bored!
  6. Eat smaller meals/snacks when hungry!
  7. Be calm, happy and patient while enjoying life as often as possible 🙂

I hope to maybe make a chart to help motivate myself toward these goals. If anyone has any advice, clean recipes or anything else to share, I’d love to hear! Enjoy today!!!!




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